Chapter 2: Where You Go to Rest Your Bones

At the end of the day, it isn’t where I came from. Maybe home is somewhere I’m going and never have been before

Warsan Shire

While the actions, gestures and other physical characteristics of a person are important in the world of nonverbal communication, the home, and the ways in which it is laid out and decorated, can also be a meaningful nonverbal indicator. A person’s home can say a lot about them: their hobbies and interests, whether they live alone or with family, and if they own any pets. The different rooms within the home – more specifically, the décor of the room – can express a particular “character”, such as what we consider to be a proper room, a familiar room or a happy room.

The Proper Living Room

The Cobbles Tea Room

The Cobbles Interior

The Cobbles Food

My idea of a proper living room would be one in which there is an air of sophistication similar to a small tea room in an old English manor. For me, a proper living room would be beautifully decorated, yet still have a more casual and informal atmosphere about it. This is The Cobbles Tea Room in Rye, East Sussex, England, and it’s basically the cutest thing ever. In my opinion, this is the perfect example of proper living room décor.

The Familiar Living Room

Grandma's Living Room

When I think of a room that’s familiar to me, I always remember my grandma’s kitchen. I imagine this is what a familiar living room would look like if you combined the general layout and color scheme of her existing living room and the log cabin-style wooden interior of her kitchen.

My grandparents live in Mount Vernon, a small town in East Texas, and their house is a much older home built primarily out of darkly stained wood on the interior. Out of all the rooms in the house, I love the kitchen the most, as it’s been the center of many a holiday celebration over the years. The entire family – my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my three cousins, my dad and stepmom, and me – usually gather around the table in the dining area to enjoy all the turkey, broccoli rice casserole (courtesy of my aunt), cornbread and homemade chocolate pie we can eat during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s especially fun watching my dad and the rest of the family duke it out over said chocolate pie.

The Happy Living Room

Happy Living Room

As for my idea of a happy living room, I’d have to say a room decorated in the same manner as an art studio would be the way to go. Like this room, it would be mostly off-white with splashes of color here and there on the furniture. The walls would also be painted a fun color, like a pale yellow or light blue.



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