Chapter 9: Who I Am

Being single is like being an artist, not because creating a functional single life is an art form, but because it requires the same close attention to one’s singular needs, as well as the will and focus to fulfill them. Just as the artist arranges her life around her creativity, sacrificing conventional comforts and even social acceptance, sleeping and eating according to her own rhythms, so that her talent thrives above all else, nurtured the way a child might be, so a single person has to think hard to decipher what makes her happiest and most fulfilled

Kate Bolick, Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own

In addition to a particular interior design, color or personal artifact, the different spaces in which a person often finds themselves can say a lot about who they are and the way that they show this side of themselves to the world around them.

The Kitchen

I basically live in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter where I am. I can be in my own apartment, at a friend’s house or at my grandparents’ house. The kitchen is where I usually like to set up shop. It’s my home. I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time getting creative in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. I’ve also learned that, if you’re in the process of putting a meal together in the kitchen, and you’re not making a mess, you’re doing it all wrong.

What I wish my kitchen sink looked like:

Kitchen sink and washing up in summer sunlight

What it actually looks like:








What I typically eat for lunch on any given day. Tomato soup, a banana and coffee!





I love to ferment a lot of my own vegetables and fruits. This is blackberry soda and strawberry soda that I had going a couple of weeks ago.


Because everyone needs a photo of the fat globules in a pot of chicken soup cooking on the stove.

The Living Room

Oddly enough, I actually don’t spend a whole lot of time in my living room. It’s generally my work space for those cold, rainy days that I don’t feel like going outside, but unless I’m done for the day (or, Netflix just added a brand new season of Criminal Minds or Bob’s Burgers), I’m either in my kitchen, or not in my apartment at all, preferring to work and study at either Jupiter House or the library.




My couch, where not-a-damn-thing gets done.



My babies.

The Bedroom

If I had one safe place to call my own, a place that belongs to no one else but me, of course, it’d be my bedroom. This is usually the space that I gravitate toward if I want to work out, practice yoga, meditate or take a nap. It’s my space to simply just be for awhile.





I like to call this the Travel Corner.


Just look at all of the pretty receipts and miscellaneous scraps of paper that I don’t want to deal with.



My work space.





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